K U R Garratt  *  S A R 400 class Garratt  *  Transandino Kitson-Meyer

1:22,5 G-scale, (45mm track), live steam „reconstruction“ of the 
Kitson Meyer Type5 with additional rackzylinders 0+8+6+0 for the Transandine Railways, Chile/Argentinia

The 1:22.5 live steam model, designed as a construction kit for very advanced model builders.
I have been working on the development of a locomotive model for several years. It usually begins with ferreting out photographs and the original drawings. In the case of this locomotive,
this turned into a real waiting game because all of the original drawings
were destroyed during a bombing attack on the Kitson factory in Leeds (Great Britain) during the Second World War. What´s more, the likely museums in England did´nt have any documentation at all. 
Jens Schindler, a German fan of this locomotive had measured this locomotive on site in Santiago de Chile in the year 2000 and created 2D drawings.They were an enormously helpful basis that first made starting on the project

After long research on the internet, countless mail contacts, and a huge amount of luck, things reached a
turning point in 2010. Andrew Batory, a Canadian Transandine fan and Sergio Carmona, Dean of Engineering at Valparaiso University, had discovered the drawings in a repair shop in an old drawings cabinet.

Not all of of the twelf machines are scrappt. There are some surviversa in Argentina and Chile.

The locomotive on display does not represent the original version that was delivered in 1909.
In Los Andes, Chile and in Tafi Viejo, Argentina, additional locomotives of this type still stand but under more varied conditions.

Museo Santiage de Chile


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 K U R Garratt  *  S A R 400 class Garratt  *  Transandino Kitson-Meyer

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